Conventional Coolants

Conventional coolants offer a wide variety of applications with low silicate requirements. They are appropriate for use in automotive, heavy duty, and industrial and recreational applications requiring low silicate and non-extended life conditions.

Chevron Supreme Antifreeze/Coolants are quality, single phase, low silicate ethylene glycol based, multi-purpose products, available as a concentrate or a 50/50 pre-dilute, that are designed for use in the automotive engines where silicates are needed and in heavy-duty diesel engines with the addition of SCA’s. This Antifreeze/Coolant is free of nitrites and amines, and provides antifoam properties, and rust and corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, copper, solder, steel and cast iron. They mix readily with any clean tap water and are compatible with cooling system filters and supplemental additives.

Note: When used in heavy duty applications, conventional coolants will require an initial charge of supplemental coolant additives.  We always recommend following the direction of the OEM and following routine testing confirming the concentration levels of the inhibitors. Contact us for more information.