Extended Life Coolants

Kellerstrass Oil is proud to offer Chevron Extend Life Coolants.  Delo Extended Life Coolants (ELC) are recommended for virtually all diesel and natural gas engines and include patented technology that keeps cooling systems running cooler, cleaner, and with less downtime. Tested over millions of miles, in every major U.S. heavy-duty engine, Delo ELC can protect for 750,000 miles/8 years/12,000 hours. Also available as a Nitrite-free pre-diluted 50/50 coolant.

Extended life Coolants Also:

  • Extend hardware and components service life
  • Reduce cost with no SCA's or test strips
  • Offer excellent ease of maintenance
  • Create high temperature protection

We always recommend following the direction of the OEM and following routine testing confirming the concentration levels of the inhibitors. Contact us for more information. 

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