Race Fuel

At Kellerstrass Oil, we are proud to offer Sunoco Race Fuels.  We have been providing Sunoco fuels for over 15 years, so you can count on getting quality racing products at a great price. Contact us today for more information.

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Leaded Fuels:

Sunoco® Standard™ is a 110 octane leaded race fuel that is commonly used in all forms of motorsports. Sunoco Standard is designed for compression ratios up to about 13:1 in conventional small block V8s with iron heads, and can tolerate higher compression ratios in smaller or more efficient combustion chambers. It is also a good choice for mild nitrous, turbocharged, or supercharged applications.

Sunoco® Supreme™ is a 112 octane leaded race fuel designed for competition engines routinely operating over 7000 rpm.  Sunoco Supreme is designed for compression ratios up to about 15:1 in small block V8s, and can tolerate higher compression ratios in smaller or more efficient combustion chambers.  Supreme’s fast burn speed also makes it a popular choice for 2-stroke applications.

Sunoco® HCR™ Plus is a high performance leaded racing fuel designed for racing engines with very high compression ratios.  It is particularly beneficial in sustained high speed / high load applications such as asphalt and dirt oval racing.  HCR Plus is very resistant to vapor lock, ensuring consistent fuel metering from the green flag to the checkered flag.  Sunoco HCR Plus is recommended for engines with compression ratios exceeding 14:1.

Sunoco Maximal is a 116 octane, extreme performance leaded racing fuel designed for high revving racing engines with high compression ratios.  Maximal’s fast burn rate makes it particularly beneficial in large-bore, large-displacement naturally-aspirated drag racing applications.  It has also proven to be very popular in the highly-stressed naturally-aspirated big blocks used in truck pulling.

Sunoco MaxNOS is the fuel of choice for extreme performance applications where “power adders” such as nitrous, superchargers, and turbochargers are utilized.  MaxNOS was tested in a variety of drag racing applications ranging from mega-boost turbocharged small engines to multi-stage nitrous systems on mountain motors.  It’s also a great fuel for supercharged pulling trucks.

Unleaded Fuels:

Sunoco 260 GT is a street-legal, oxygenated, unleaded gasoline designed for high performance street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, and the like.  With a 100 octane rating, Sunoco 260 GT will allow increased boost levels in supercharged or turbocharged applications compared to lower octane “pump” gas.

Sunoco MO2X® Unleaded is an oxygenated racing fuel designed for excellent throttle response in high compression, high rpm 2- and 4-stroke applications such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and karts.  It complies with sanctioning body fuel rules limiting oxygen content to 2.8 weight %.  MO2X does not have to be drained from the fuel system after each use.

Sunoco® 260 GTX™ is an unleaded racing fuel that contains no oxygenates and no metallic additives.  260 GTX is a good fuel for many applications that need more detonation protection than typical street gas provides, yet cannot use a leaded fuel.  It has been shown to produce repeatable power levels in small block V8 engines to 12:1 compression ratio, and will tolerate more compression in engines with smaller or more efficient combustion chambers.

Sunoco 260 GT Plus is a high octane, highly oxygenated unleaded race fuel.  It is our highest octane unleaded race fuel which makes it a popular choice for racers looking for high octane in an unleaded product.