Fuels At Kellerstrass Oil

With today’s challenging market, world volatility, and the continuous demands of reliable supply, fuel for your business is a top priority.  Fuel is one of the most critical components of your operation, so at Kellerstrass Oil, we take this very seriously.

Kellerstrass Oil helps customers navigate and manage this complex fuel supply challenge. We do this by working with our key suppliers to offer a quality product at an affordable price.  In addition, we partner with our customers to develop competitive pricing, fix forward opportunities, and seasonal strategies that will keep you competitive and running your business with no setbacks.

Our team of skilled fuel professionals will review your current fuel position; listen closely to identify your goals and objectives, and then custom tailor a fuel program that maximizes your investment.

While there are many choices for your fuel, the right partner, closely aligned with your objectives, will bring the best results. We want to be that partner for you. If you would like to schedule a comprehensive fuel program review, contact us for more information.


We provide high quality fuel with excellent service. A complete line of fuel treatments and additives as well a robust set of fuel services means your fuel needs, no matter how complex, can be met.

Our Fuel Products Include:

Associated Services:

Safety First

For 65 years, Kellerstrass Oil Company has been fostering a “Safety First” culture in all organization departments.  Every day at Kellerstrass Oil our people safely move tens of thousands of gallons of petroleum products to customers in the communities we serve.  Our Safety Team realizes that business logistics of delivering petroleum and hazardous materials is not inherently dangerous, but can be incredibly unforgiving.  Therefore, Kellerstrass Oil Company utilizes a Safety Management System (SMS), in order to improve written policy, procedures and guidelines, data collection and analysis, risk management, and training.

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