Risk Management

For 65 years, Kellerstrass Oil Company has been fostering a “Safety First” culture in all organization departments. Every day at Kellerstrass Oil our people safely move tens of thousands of gallons of petroleum products to customers in the communities we serve. Our Safety Team realizes that business logistics of delivering petroleum and hazardous materials is not inherently dangerous, but can be incredibly unforgiving. Therefore, Kellerstrass Oil Company utilizes a Safety Management System (SMS), in order to improve written policy, procedures and guidelines, data collection and analysis, risk management, and training.

Safety Programs

Safety Programs include: Safety Issue Reporting, Safety Review Committee with Monthly Reviews, Incident/Accident Reporting Review and Mitigation, Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Program - every 6 months, Comprehensive Driver Qualification File Monitoring, Hours of Service - Fatigue Prevention, Ride Along Program, Driver Operational Quality Assurance Program (WebTec Monitoring), Employee Safety Meetings, Internal Evaluation and Security, Drug and Alcohol Program – (pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, and post-accident screenings), Trained Designated Driver Instructors, Recurrent Training, and Safety Bonus Programs.

Professional Staff

We have some of the most experienced professional staff workers in the trucking and petroleum industry, who respectively meet FMCSA, HAZMAT, CDL Driver Qualification, Spill Prevention, Warehousing, OSHA, and Environmental Industry Standards, to name a few. Each of our staff members receives thorough initial training upon employment, then recurrent training and safety meeting discussions on a quarterly basis for their respective division. A notable hallmark of our Safety Culture is that every Team Member has been given “Stop Work Authority” for any perceived unsafe situation.

Equipment and Maintenance

Our philosophy has always been to put only the safest, most reliable, state of the art trucks and trailers on the road. Older equipment is traded out for brand new equipment on a regular basis and each piece of driving equipment is put through an exhaustive maintenance program to meet or exceed FMCSA standards. We, at Kellerstrass Oil Company, are proud of our outstanding safety record and are dedicated to provide quality products and excellent service to our customers.