At Kellerstrass Oil, we value the feedback from our customers.  Below are just a few reasons why our customers choose Kellerstrass.  Contact us today to learn more.

"Kellerstrass Oil has hauled fuel to our locomotive fuel storage tanks for the last two years.  During that time, their service has been impeccable.  I recommend Kellerstrass Oil as a strong player in the fuel hauling industry.  If you want a team that will keep your tanks full and quickly respond with solutions to changes in the market or supply/demand, then you have made a great choice in Kellerstrass Oil." 

            -Union Pacific Railroad, Senior Manager

"Staker Parson Companies has had the pleasure of working with Kellerstrass Oil for the past five years supplying over 30 of our fueling locations in Utah and Idaho.  Kellerstrass Oil has been very efficient during that time and always goes the extra mile to get the job complete.  Kellerstrass Oil is a great asset for our company making sure the fuel is delivered when expected." 

           -Staker & Parson Companies, Purchasing Manager

"We have been doing business with Kellerstrass Oil for several years at our multiple locations in Jackson Hole. Kellerstrass Oil supplies our motor fuel as well as fuel for our marina and diesel for generators and boilers. They have been great business partners delivering a quality product in a safe and efficient manner. They have consistently been responsive to our needs as well as helping us with equipment replacement, branding material and other efforts to improve our business operations. I would highly recommend Kellerstrass Oil as a business partner for your petroleum product needs."

           -Vail Resorts, Vice President and General Manager

"Kellerstrass Oil has been a provider to Clyde Companies of Bulk Diesel Fuel and Chevron Lubricants for 20 plus years. We have valued our relationship with them over the years due to the service they offer and the quality of the products they sell. I would recommend Kellerstrass Oil to anyone looking for a good reliable source of these products. Your company will benefit from building a long lasting relationship with them."

           -Clyde Companies, Purchasing Manager

" My name is Travis Stibal, I am one of the owners of Western Transport, Inc. a long haul trucking company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We operate 64 trucks and 75 refrigerated trailers. I have been using Chevron oils since 1984 when I was doing research running vegetable oil for fuel in diesel engines at the University of Idaho. That was when I became a believer in Chevron oils and Technology. When I started in trucking I knew that Chevron was the best option. We use Chevron in every lubed compartment on our trucks and trailers and spec it on new equipment. Chevron has saved our company money over the years and in all the millions of miles we have run, we have never had a lube related failure. Just the same it is nice to know that Chevron backs us up with their guarantee. Before switching to Chevrons 00 grease in our wheel ends, we had at least one unit a week with a leaking wheel seal and soaked brakes, now wheel seal leaks are a thing of the past. When we switched to Chevrons synthetic oil in our refer units we extended our drain interval out to 3000 hours and the engines now start easily in sub zero temperatures. We had our parts supplier ask us why he was not selling us rebuilt rear axle units as he said he sells a large number of them to other trucking companies. I told him that I am convinced it is because of Chevrons borate technology in the Delo Gear ESI oil. We have original engines and rear ends still in service at over 2 million miles. We have switched all of our engines new and old to Chevron red extended life coolant and have seen significant savings in this area. Chevron has continually come to the market with cutting edge technology helping our operation save time and money. I always tell competitive oil suppliers that I would have to be drug kicking and screaming backwards through a knot hole to switch away from Chevron.  Sincerely, Travis Stibal."

          -Western Transport, Owner