Food Machinery Oils and Greases

At Kellerstrass Oil, we offer a full line of Food Machinery Oil and Food Machinery Greases that conform to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements of lubricants with incidental food contact. They are also certified Kosher and Pareve, and are accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in Registered Plants. For more information on these products, view the detailed product data sheets from the categories below.

Refrigeration Compressor Oils

Intended specifically for the lubrication of ammonia compressors in industrial refrigeration systems, Capella® P 68 can be used in rotary screw, reciprocating, or rotary vane compressors. Capella P 68 provides effective lubrication to all moving parts so equipment life and life-to-overhaul is maximized. The oil resists carryover to the refrigeration system's low temperature side.

Premium-quality oils recommended for use in refrigeration compressor systems, Capella WF oils are manufactured using specially refined naphthenic mineral oils, assuring the exceedingly low pour points necessary for refrigeration compressor lubricants.

Food Machinery Greases

Developed specifically for food processing and canning, these odorless, tasteless, and water-resistant products are multipurpose lubricants suitable for all grease-lubricated machinery applications. 

An aluminum complex thickened grease developed for the food processing and canning industries. 

A high performance calcium sulfonate thickened grease developed for food processing and canning industries. 

Food Machinery Oils

These premium industrial lubricants are engineered to deliver excellent anti-wear and rust protection where incidental food contact may occur.

Recommended for high-pressure hydraulic systems, air compressors, airline lubricators and the lubrication of bearings and lightly loaded gears. 

  • Food Machinery Oils ISO 100

Recommended for circulating oil systems, air line lubricators and bearing lubrication. Approved by Racine Fluid Power for vane-type high-pressure pumps. 

  • Food Machinery Oils  ISO 220, 460

Recommended as gear oils and general-purpose lubricants.